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"If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything."


It is my sincere hope that the recent legislation finally passed by the house regarding crime will help bring security and well being back to our communities. If it does not, be assurred I will be an advocate of addressing the crime issue as this is government's FIRST PRIORITY to Alaskans. 

The Permanent Fund Dividend belongs to you. Government has had 87% of all resource money including corporate taxes and property taxes. It is pure greed to take the Permanent Fund Dividend for any Alaskans. If you do not need the PFD check, we have pick, click and give as an option. 

I signed the 3 Principle Pledge of We the People of Alaska last year as a candidate for Senate. My principles have not "evolved" like many politicians. We will never get our financial house in order without the 3 amendments to the Constitution promoted by the governor. 

1. The PFD will never be safe unless it is protected in the State Constitution. Any change in status must go before the people for a vote. 

2. Any Statewide tax passed by the legislature must go before the people for a vote.

3. We must have a mature spending cap in our Constitution which forces the legislature to live within our ability to pay our bills without deficit spending. This should only be increased based on annual inflation and population growth.



4. I firmly believe in term limits. We have consistently experienced politicians getting "owned" by special interest groups over the years. 


5. The Legislature must convene on the road system where everyday Alaskans have access to our legislators. Juneau is owned by lobbyists. This needs to end NOW!  

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