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Why should I go back to Juneau?

We can’t keep changing our representatives every 2 years and expect things to get done. It takes time to build relationships and earn seniority and chairmanships.  

* I have built relationships with my colleagues in the House and have earned seniority. I have what it takes to get chairmanships and move legislation.

* I have over 35 years of experience in the fishing industry. Experience needed to rebuild our fisheries. I have been working with both commercial and sport fishermen trying to find innovative ways to rebuild our fisheries for all user groups, not just a select few.

* I have over 40 years in the oil and gas industry. We are a resource rich state, and we must be allowed to go forward with the development of our own resources. I have the experience it will take to open our state for the development of those resources.

• I have a bill already drafted to repeal rank-choice voting.

Sponsored and co-sponsored 54 bills.


• Co-sponsor of SB114 – Reads Act bill. Requires students to prove reading competency by third grade and provides for monitoring and testing. (Passed)

• Co-sponsor of HB265 – A bipartisan telehealth bill. This bill allows individuals who are homebound to consult with their physician without having to leave their homes. (Passed)

• Co-sponsor of HB22 - Another bipartisan bill that allows the sale of raw milk products such as cheese and other items made from 2 raw milk to anyone who wants to buy it, not just someone in a co-op. A step forward in removing unnecessary regulations. (Passed)

Medical Freedom Bills Sponsored

• Co-sponsor of SB-156 – Prohibit Covid 19 vaccine discrimination.

• Co-sponsor of SB-186 – Prohibit proof of Covid 19 vaccination.

• Co-sponsor of HB-175 – Covid 19 vaccine rights.

Education bills sponsored

• HB 191 – Allowed the prior year’s school budget to be used for budgeting for the upcoming school year expenses in the event the state budget was not passed in a timely manner so school employees were not required to be terminated.

• HB 244 – Requires school district boundary maps to be distributed in a way that they are easily accessible to everyone.

• HB 328 – Allows parents to enroll their child into the school of their choice.

• HB 329 – Allows the parent to receive the base allocation funding for the child to be used at a school of their choice.

• HB 342 – Requires school curriculum to be available for public review.

• HB 343 – Prohibits schools from teaching any particular sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin is superior to another (prohibits the teaching of CRT).

• HB 356 – Schools are required to teach patriotism, responsibility, citizenship, kindness, respect for authority, life, liberty, personal property, and honesty. Medical Freedom bills sponsored

• HB 238 – Parents could refuse vaccines for their children.

• HB237 – Required pharmacists to dispense lawfully prescribed medication.

I kept my word

• I said no new taxes. I voted NO on every bill that included a new tax. 

• Every time there was a vote for a full statutory lawful dividend I voted yes. The dividend belongs to the people of Alaska and any change should not happen without a vote of the people.

• Two - 2nd amendment bills came to the floor. I had the pleasure of voting against these bills.

Committee Seats

I hold a seat on:

• House Resource Committee

• House Education Committee

• I am a member of the Alaska grow caucus, a group of bi-partisan legislators pushing to produce more food to be grown and used in Alaska. What I did to help Alaskans now!

• I helped cut through red tape hindering Oil-search (Santo/Repsol) from moving forward with the Pikka project. Moving this project forward is a huge boost for our economy. When it gets underway Pikka will employ 2500 construction workers and up to 500 full-time employees. It will also pump as much as $6B dollars into our state’s economy. Community Support

• I had the honor of giving a congratulatory citation to the Kenai Senior Center for their 50 years of service to our senior citizens.

• I also was honored to present a citation to the Kenai Peninsula Ice Hawks for their perfect 28-0 season. Dealing with covid restrictions these young kids were able to persevere and compile a perfect season, an almost impossible task.

• I stood in opposition, not to the Gay Pride event at the Soldotna Creek Park but to the leud, unacceptable behavior that occurred during that event. Such behavior is not appropriate at a family friendly park and should never be allowed where a child or any adult not wanting to be subjected to such behavior could be exposed. I will continue to hold to those values.


• Alaska state Republican party

• District 6 – Lower Peninsula Republicans

• District 7 – Kenai – Soldotna Republicans

• District 8 – Nikiski – Sterling Republicans

• Republican Women of the Kenai

• Kenai Peninsula Republican Women • Valley Republican Women of Alaska

• The Alaska Outdoor Council

• Jim Minnery, Alaska Family Action, Inc.

• I received an award from the CPAC, foundation Center for Legislative Accountability, for conservative excellence.

• Conservative Members of the Legislature

o Kathy Tilton – Minority Leader
o Laddie Shaw – Minority Whip
o Delana Johnson
o George Raucher
o Ken McCarty
o Kevin McCabe
o Mike Cronk
o Sarah Vance
o Ben Carpenter
o Steve Thompson
o Tom McKay
o Mike Prax
o James Kaufmam
o David Nelson
o Mike Shower
o Roger Holland
o Rob Meyer
o Lora Reinbold

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